I grew up in a Christian home where my parents would take me to church when I was young. However, when I went to secondary school I started to meet friends who did not have the same background as me. This was great, but I soon realised that I did not have a strong faith to hold firm in what I ‘believed’ and instead I wanted to fit in. I soon stopped going to church and I would walk out of the room whenever faith or church came up in conversation.


This went on for a year or two until an old friend sent me a message on Facebook inviting me along to Generator and since then I kept attending it. I have had lots of peaks and troughs in my faith, times when I have questioned whether there is a God and times when the Spirit has moved me to say something or pray and amazing things have happened.


I remember one evening at Generator we had a guest speaker from New Life Church in Croydon, they were talking about a trip to Israel where they prayed for healing in the streets. The next morning I was on the way into college thinking over the talk of the night before when I saw that a teacher from there was sitting next to me on the bus. As I was sat there I had an urge to ask about his ankle, with much reluctance and a good few minutes of waiting I asked him about it but he said he had no problems with his ankle. This led to a conversation and I discovered that he attended New Life Church in Croydon and he knew the people who came and spoke the night before. He did have an injury in his back which gave him bad pain in his shins sometimes, I prayed and as far as I know he has had no pain since. This encounter left me astounded that God is able to use someone who is young. Every little action of obedience has a big impact in the world.



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