My journey of getting to know God on a personal level started in secondary school. Having moved to England in 2010 with my family, I constantly felt scrutinised, judged and painfully different to other people. I was always taught about Jesus at church and was blessed to have parents to guide and plant a seed of constant hunger for God's character in me, so I always knew I could count on Him in these changing circumstances.

After our family started attending Purley Baptist Church, my desire to learn about God grew, so I started going to the youth club, Generator, where I met many likeminded people! I remember in one of my first times being there, feeling overwhelmed by God's presence around me in worship and when someone had a word from Him, it really resonated with me.

I knew instantly that I wanted more of Him and that my faith in God could not compare to anything the world had to offer me. Having such a reassurance in His promises encouraged me daily! He knows me personally and has specifically chosen a path for my life! At that point I understood that worship and music was one of the most powerful ways in which the Holy Spirit stirred my heart.

Surrounding myself with people that shared the same love for Him helped me cultivate and invest more into my relationship with Him, and when I got the opportunity to serve in the church band, feeling of anxiety and excitement ruled in my heart for a long time; still does today, but having this responsibility has helped me know how to respond and deliver God's word better.After almost 3 years, becoming a worship leader has definetly been a way in which God has stepped me out of my comfort zone and into a place where He wants me to be.As I grow to know Him more, being able to accommodate people with the same hunger to experience Him and His love through worship continues to change me as a person.

I now am confident in His forgiving nature, understanding that my imperfections don't define me and that my identity lies in Christ who died for me and lives in me today as the Holy spirit. I am looking forward to what He has in store for me as I journey with Him everyday.



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