I was brought up in a Christian family where I was taken to church and taught about Jesus and taught how to pray. It is such a treasure that I have always known God and His presence in my life. At about the age of 10 my Mum decided to stop taking me and my sisters to church as she became unsure about her faith. My Dad worked for the church, as he still does, and so he kept going. At first I really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t HAVE to go to church every Sunday anymore but I soon found that I missed it and so I made the deliberate choice to go to church with my Dad and include God in my life. I was confirmed in the Church of England when I was 13 years old. I remember the bishop speaking the words over me, “Hannah, God has called you by name”. It was so special and I still hold onto that truth.

When I was 15 I experienced God in a way that changed my relationship with Him. I was desperately crying out to God to know him more deeply and to hear from him in the way others claim to. A complete stranger came and prayed for me and without me sharing a word with him he explained to me how I was feeling and how God felt about it. In that moment I knew that God could hear me and I could hear his heart for me through His Spirit and His word. It was very exciting and it gave me more boldness to share who God is and his heart with those around me.

I am on a journey with God of growing in understanding of who He is and who I am. It has been a journey full of mistakes but I have been amazed at how faithful and gracious God is through those mistakes. God is my Father and my friend. He is the only one who has been beside me every day, every heart-achy day and every wonderful day, of my life and it is my greatest joy to worship and live for Him.

‘Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you.’ Psalm 63:3




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