I was born into a Christian family, but I don’t think I truly understood what Christianity actually meant. Having left Live Loud, I moved on to The Big Picture where I felt that I understood what part God had in what we were studying. From there, I decided I should take it all more seriously. I’m surprised it didn’t dawn on me earlier, as after all, it’s not every day somebody dies and comes back to life! From then on I began to see what and who God was – pure love - and as a result I properly decided that I should believe in him and to trust my life to him for the best.


What brought me to the decision to be baptised, was simply by God telling me. During a Generator session on a Thursday, God popped the idea to be baptised inside my head when I was asking him what I should do to come closer to him. I debated the idea for a bit, but I left it at the back of my mind for too long. Until the idea was truly re-awakened when I later went to a weekend at Carroty Wood, a youth weekend away, where I learnt more about God in the sessions and worship. In a particular worship session, I felt God speaking to me and telling me that, after praying for several people, “This is what I want you to do.” - God wanted me to be a “rock” for others. To do this, I would have to take my faith further; the next step would be baptism.


I’m just so grateful for all my brothers and sisters in God, from Generator, and all my family, who have made my day, every day, and I thank them that they are a great example of what God’s love does.


Simply because God told me I should, I was baptised without question, because I knew that God loved me and that whatever he asked of me would be for the best. 



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