I started attending my local United Reformed church when I was about seven, but I often found it boring and would usually only go for the biscuits. This continued up until I was around thirteen, when I switched churches and ended up attending a youth group at a Baptist church.


Here, I discovered a very different approach to Christianity, but still felt as if I did not belong. I stopped going after a little while,  because I did not feel included, and almost completely lost my faith as a result.


However, one of my best friends invited me to go to Generator with her in October of year 11, and I knew that I had finally found the church (and the friends) that was right for me. I became a Christian at Carroty Wood in 2014, got baptised on Easter Sunday in 2015 and have not looked back since.


Obviously, I still go through some tough times, but I now know that I have God, my all-loving father, to help me through these rough patches. Before I became a Christian, these darker points in my life affected me a lot more than they do now, as I now know that I can put my trust in God.



Purley Baptist Church

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