Growing up in a Christian family, I had always felt God as being a constant in my life but never felt like he really knew me. I didn’t really know Him even though I was made to go to church every Sunday by my parents. As I grew up and later in 2010 when I moved to England, I realised that God had a special plan for me and that he wanted to have a relationship with me.


I struggled to make time for Him and soon He started to take a backseat in my life. My priorities became academic success and making and keeping new friendships. God, however never really left me. I could always feel him with me. Whenever I needed comfort or somebody to talk to He was there and this slowly brought me back to him.


One of the greatest things that He has done in my life was bringing me to Purley Baptist Church. My family had been praying for us to find a stable church and settle down and the way God brought us to this place was magnificent. He really proved to me that he was there and he was listening to our needs. That is when I got introduced to Vibe and Live Loud and then to Generator. I met so many people that supported me and encouraged me to pursue God and start to have a personal relationship with Him. Through a lot of support from my friends and family I got to know Him more and more which led me to wanting to discover even more about Him. I always felt like my life and what was happening in the world was so little and trivial and I was always trying to find something better and above all of this and when I got to know God I felt like I finally found it.


Going to the Carroty Wood House Party in 2014 and 2015 was a real eye opener because it really showed me so many more aspects of God that I had yet to discover and it just made me more curious about him. I still struggle with my faith sometimes and like everybody I get doubts but every time this happens He shows me that He is there and always gives me proof of His existence with everything he has, he is and he will do in my life. He is my absolute rock!


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