I have been going to Church ever since I can remember because of my parents bringing me and it was never something I wanted to do personally. Sometimes I enjoyed spending time with my friends and playing games, and a small amount of the time I would listen to the leaders and take in what they were saying.

It was hard for me at to realise that I had a God who loved me. I would pray and worship God because I had to or because I needed/wanted something to change. Also, I saw the Bible as a big book and it was hard for me to open it because I never knew where to start.

Then a few years ago I went on a Christian camp with PBC and the preachers at the camp asked people to come up if they wanted to receive a new tongue from God, so I prayed: God if you’re really love me give me a new gift that I can use to worship you. To my surprise I received a new tongue or language which I don’t understand but knew the gibberish must have come from God and make sense to Him. I use this gift by myself to pray more regularly and to learn to thank God for who he is and what he has done in my prayer when I never did before.

I still struggle with reading my Bible sometimes, but I find it a lot easier to pray which has given me a way to get to know God and start a strong relationship with him, which I hope to keep going. Every day I try to spend time with God whether that’s praying or worshipping him; that I can keep my relationship growing and every day know that he is shaping me how he wants.

In January 2018 I decided to be baptised, which has allowed me, to show my family and friends that I want to live my life for Jesus. I go to Generator every Thursday at PBC which helps me to learn more about God and to spend time with Jesus and to catch up with my friends.



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