I have always grown up in a Christian family so have found that my progression to faith has been very much a gradual one, but, nonetheless significant. I decided very early on during a Christian holiday club called Boomerang that I wanted to give my life to Jesus, however, it has taken (and is still taking) me quite a while (God is very patient) to truly grasp the significance of this with both hands.


I feel two milestones for me were two Venture summer camps which really opened me up to experiencing first-hand the presence of God during the worship in a way which I had not prior. Then during the second camp my eyes were really opened to the significance of the Bible being God’s very own word and the immense value it holds. I had been struggling to really hear God in my life and during the camp he completely pointed me in the direction of his word, the Bible, and set me to listen.


In the summer of 2014, while reading my Bible as part of a reading programme, I really felt God nudging me towards baptism, before then I had always felt that my testimony lacked sufficient excitement and revelation and was using it as an excuse to put it off, however, over that holiday God really highlighted to me that reaching faith is a miracle no matter how we come to it and there was no reason holding me back. So later that year I got baptised and am so glad I did. I have found that God is longing to draw close to us and it is really when we step out in faith that we set God up to make an appearance in our lives.


I definitely have a long way to go and much to learn (God has a lot of work left to do), but because of God’s promises I can’t wait to experience what God has in store.



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