Being brought up in a christian family, I have always thought of myself as a Christian. From birth I have attended church on Sunday. I have always loved Church, the community of friends and the fact that our God is so open to everyone and is available to all.


As I progressed through the Sunday morning groups like Live Loud and Rock Solid I started to really understand what being a Christian meant. I was learning more about God and why being a Christian was just such an honour. The major point for me was when I realized that God is more than someone I pray to every night, I truly understood that He is all around us, and I was so thankful that He sent His son to die one of the most brutal deaths for us. 


There have been 3 points I have experienced God on a whole new level, these events were at the Carroty Wood House Party in 2014 and 2015 and Soul Survivor. At these events everyone seemed to have this thing about them that I can't explain. Whatever it was I wanted it. Some of the most amazing work I’ve seen God do was at Soul Survivor, God's presence there was huge. When we were there, myself and some friends were praying for someone from another church, they fell down in the Spirit and they layed on the floor shaking for about 5-10 minutes. It was at this point that I realised "Wow, God really is real".


Since then I have had a hunger to know more and more about God. Although I may have faced struggles being a Christian, I know that God is greater and I know I can put my faith in Him no matter what. That's what being a Christian ultimately means to me-knowing that if I mess up, God is always there for me. 



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